@Gt9ja_info : #NotTooYoungtoRun: My Chairmanship Ambition is a Clarion Call To All Youths Says Comrade Itodje *

The chairmanship aspirant, Ethiope East local government area of delta state in the forthcoming local government election and founder Gt 9ja News, Comrade Itodje Okiemute Godstime has said his ambition to become the next chairman of Ethiope east local government area of delta state is a clarion call to all Youths irrespective of local government, state or nationality.

Comrade Itodje, who is also the Chief Press Secretary to Chief Dr. Amb. Gabriel Chukwuma Etaoghenevwegba Oyibode – 2014 governorship aspirant of the people’s Democratic Party (PDP), made this statement in Abuja while he was reacting to questions from newsmen concerning his political ambition in the forthcoming local government election in delta state.

Comrade Itodje said revolution is taking place in the political scenario, globally, as youths; we are ready to take over the mantle of leadership and make ourselves available to be mentor by our old leaders, mentioning the 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron, president of France as a good example.

‘The wind of revolution is blowing everywhere as my dear local government – Ethiope East is not excluded.

“It is our dream to become leader and to actualize the dream; the youths must wake up from their slumber and face the reality of life. No man we give it to us except we are ready to take it either by force or by total supports and uniting youths, speaking with one voice”.

“There are many of us out there who are just looking for opportunity and unknown to them that the opportunity which they are looking for is knocking at the door; all they need to do is the stand bold, courageous and seek for that which they always desire”

“We need to standout in all that we do, and with the efforts of the elders, giving us the best mentorship which we ought to have, we shall build a better society for ourselves and the unborn generations”

“I believe we are in this struggle together, if I win the election, the youths all win and when I am defeated in the election; that is also failure on the part of the youths. I cannot do it alone that is why we all need one another to survive! The business of beautifying the society lies in our hands, so if we want a brighter future for ourselves and our unborn children we have to study to know what is required from us to build an egalitarian society and also to be in positions where established institutions will be well managed successfully and resources will not be diverted, rather they will be used for the purposes for which they are met for judiciously”

“The race for who is the next chairman of Ethiope East Local Government Area is a collective task. I have couple of youths supporting me already and I don’t take it as a business of personal interest. We are here together to make collective efforts in building the Nigeria of our dream”

“I urge every youth out there to please support this project in their prayers and in whatsoever ways they can, “we are not too young to lead” “not too young to contest” ‘not too young to build”


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