Happy Birthday To @Djbaddo ! Drop your birthday wishes via @abegnaijamusic

Some People Come Into Your Life For A Reason, Some Come To Destroy While They Do The Damage And You Learn From Them, So As To Flee From Them But Other’s Come In Genuinely To Change Your Life Even Without Telling You Things To Do But Their Actions Sway Your Decision Making Because You Have Placed Them As A Role Model You Understudy. I Came Into The Dj Game As An Armateur, In A World Of All Man For Himself, Especially When You Are From Shitta Where Nobody Sends You. I Met This Amazing Destiny Helper Called Oga Mi Sir, I Have To Put Oga Because Na Him Put Me Through, I Came In Contact With The World Famous Dj Badoo And Since Then Through Him And God’s Help I Have Learnt Alot About These Business And Having Passion For These Craft. Baba I Celebrate Your Presence On Earth Today Because If You Wasn’t Around As God Sent Who Will Put Me Through, Your Role In My Life Won’t Be Forgotten, Even Though Sometimes I They Fuck Up But Me I Still Be That Your Loyal Boy. Happy Birthday Boss, Have A Lovely One Because You Deserve It Boss. Blessings Upon Blessing Ni’ola Allahu S.A.W
On behalf of #baddoentworld we wish @djbaddo HAPPY BIRTHDAY,more life boss!
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